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A-STEP-1 Install A Softphone

A softphone is like a phone that you can use on your computer or mobile device, which lets you make phone calls over the internet. It’s a software program that uses the internet to send and receive voice and video data. It can do things like forwarding calls, holding conference calls, and taking voicemail messages. Softphones are often used by businesses because they are cheaper and more flexible than traditional phone systems. Recommended softphone links.

Windows PC : Microsip

Android : Portsip

Apple : Portsip


Have you ever talked to someone on the phone? Well, when we use phones, we need a special number to call someone. With computers, we use something called SIP to make calls over the internet. SIP settings are like a special code that helps our computers know how to talk to each other and make phone calls. It’s like telling the computer what phone number to use and how to use it. You can use our free setting or Contact us and receive your sip instant.

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C-STEP-3 Start Making Calls

Start Making Calls Today: Strengthen Your Personal and Professional Relationships by Connecting with Family, Friends, and Colleagues, Anytime and Anywhere!

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